Thinking about yuccas

And plane trails across blue skies, and white sands at White Sands. And turquoise. Can the High Desert-ers tell me more about the significance of the colour turquoise? Memory tells me it’s used to ward off spirits when used on doorways and windows… Do I have that right? Does it extend beyond these entryways?



6 thoughts on “Thinking about yuccas

  1. Beautiful Adrienne, is this painting on watercolor paper? it has such lovely texture.
    (do you know how to edit / delete a comment? so I can erase my spelling mistake above!)

  2. Hi Susan, I have a feeling that only the author of the post can edit the comments on their post, as I’m pretty sure I’ve tried to edit a comment one time and couldn’t find an edit button. Have deleted for you :-]
    It is on a textured watercolour paper. Funny, I’ve moved to smooth paper to make it a larger sketch and I have a feeling I’ll miss the effect of the texture. Plan A is that I have a good sized drawing and a big painting for each gallery, but plan B could be that this tiny little one gets up. After finishing the Bris show my momentum seems to depend on caffeine and cocoa comforts! Hmmmm

  3. nice colors… I use to see a “like” button below the posts but I recently had my computer services and now I don’t see the “like” button anywhere…

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