Guilty! I haven’t blogged for quite some time but I was thinking about my next blog every day – honest. Ask Adrienne. I was telling her every day “I do need to blog.” Well, finally, I made it.

I am in the last stages of my WBHD artworks and hopefully I can show them to you next week. It all takes longer than expected, because I can’t get past the critical eyes of either my husband or Adrienne. It’s all good feedback, but it always means I need to change something and when I start changing something, I have to change and adjust something else….I am sure you know what I mean 🙂

Today I thought I post something about my kid’s classes. At the moment I have 19 students ranging from 8 years up to 14 years of age. I teach Wednesday and Thursday afternoon for 1.5 hours. I love coming up with crazy ideas for the kids as I do want to further their creativity. Their parents must think I am quite strange looking at the projects we do 🙂 Some of the kids have been with me for 5 years now so it can’t be that bad! I hope while in LC I can come up with some new ideas and inspiration (hopefully with the help of all of you) which I can take back with me and try with my charges. They are already disappointed that Term 3 is cut short and Term 4 not happening due to me being with YOU! So, I better come up with something amazing when I get back!

At the end of last year I attended a workshop called “Creating the Animal from the Human”, a ” Transformative Sculpture” workshop with Simone Eisler. Simone is an Australian artist mainly working with sculptures and installations. She had an amazing installation in the Vault at BRAG called “Allure”. You have to check her website, just type in her name, then go to Installations – Allure – The Vault.

What Simone did she changed Baby Dolls into fabulous little creatures adorned with feathers, snake skin, fish scales, anything you can think of.


These are the two baby dolls I was working on in her workshop. First you get them into shape by wrapping packaging tape around them and in the second stage you use plaster bandages to create a base for all the bits and pieces you want to attach to them. As you can see I haven’t finished them quite yet but just looking at the heads you can get an idea where they are going. I used shells, broken geese egg shells, a small skull, pearls.


Close up  – Don’t you love the blue eyes 🙂


This little fella looks quite cute with his shell ear and skull plus oyster shell on his head 🙂

Although I am still working on them, I did the same project with my kids.


Stage 1, while the plaster is drying, we could decorate the heads. The skinny one is my one.



This is Clancy’s. She’s 7 and did a fab job.


Half devil, half angel….


Group photo – a seal which turned into a floral creation, a fashion model , little angel/devil and a little peacock.



Rockhopper penguin 🙂


This little guy is not quite finished but already looking stunning.

The kids had so much fun and of course I haven’t finished my doll yet as I had to assist with glueing feathers, rhinestones, squeezing out paint 🙂

I haven’t got a bad life being able to play all day long (not all day every day, but most days!)

Any baby dolls I can transform in LC?????

Talk soon.


3 thoughts on “Guilty!!

  1. This is so much fun to do. I wish I had some time to finish them all. I just love recycling. Might do some while In am in LC. I am sure you have some charity shops where I can pick up baby dolls 🙂

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