Thanks, Adrienne!

Your insightful reply to my first post on this painting made me realize I WAS uncomfortable with it and with your reply, I knew it was a ‘throwback’ painting. So, revisited, removed the ‘veggie burgers’ (as my husband referred to them) and I think, finished. Whew.

3 SKIPS TO EACH STONE   40×40″ ro 107x107cm. acrylic on canvas.3 skips site


3 thoughts on “Thanks, Adrienne!

  1. Oh how fun to help trigger more evolution. I love this piece now Nolan, not that I had any idea it was a throwback for you. My throwbacks can be a bit unnerving, or unsettling, for me.

  2. We all have some works that are not quite resolved,at first, but because we come to understand that… in the end, they help us to recognise when we do well. It feels good when we step up. Art is such a leveller. cx

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