Wreck Rock paintings

These 3 small canvasses started life as seascapes on the first afternoon camping at Wreck Rock. Remnants of the colour and atmosphere of that cold overcast day still remain but for better or worse the paintings are now overrun by the odd creatures that wheedle their onto the canvas as I paint.
I believe the first one is finished, she makes me smile. The second, with the shell I found on the beach is maybe mmm almost there, a bit bleak. The third has a way to go yet but I’m clinging on to that sea and moody sky in the bottom half.
Because these paintings still have a direct connection with the landscape I’m thinking of using two of them for wbhd Bundaberg instead of the encaustic works I posted on the blog early on .. maybe I’ll leave that decision to Trudie and Jen.

wreck rock 1 wreck rock 2 wreck rock 3


5 thoughts on “Wreck Rock paintings

  1. Always a joy to see what you do with paint, Ms. Susan! Your creativity is wonderful. Especially fond of the top one here, but that winged woman looks wonderful, too.

  2. These are just wonderful Susan. Can see why you’re thinking of including them. Lyrical + narrative. And beautiful. I also love to see what you do with paint :-]

  3. Your works just keep getting stronger and stronger ….more defined… they have though, retained a gentle aspect. The well is deep!
    Miss you! c x

  4. Speaking of titles, Susan…I’ve been saving one for me for a long time and someday…: BUT SHE HAD WINGS. Reminded me of it when I saw your winged woman up there.

  5. I should also mention, Susan, that as a youngster, I always sat on clouds and watched my world from above. I did. Also, I could breathe underwater because I WAS a mermaid. Ah, youth.

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