Doo bee doo bee doooooooo

Well things are happening on the big grass tree piece, it’s bit of a way from being done but I’m enjoying the usual push and pull of what’s working, what’s not working, what needs overpainting – in the translation from tiny sketch to big painting. Plan A is that this big piece goes to Unsettled. I will be shipping later in the month so it will be dry enough to make the journey. There is always plan B, C and D of course.049AW_HugeDetail01

050AW_HugeDetail02It does feel a little bit odd to pick up a tiny brush when on a big canvas but the delicious devil is in the detail.

While I’ve been working on this piece I stretched and primed a companion piece as Plan A.1 to hang at BRAG.
It now has a colour base so I can begin marking in areas for the White Sands and their yummy yuccas.

Frozen hands on keyboard today. Time for warm, sunny studio.




8 thoughts on “Doo bee doo bee doooooooo

  1. Busy as always, ms. AW. Looking beautiful. LOVE those details. Love the doggy, too.

  2. Having decided I’m a painter of small intimate canvasses I now look at that expanse of luscious colour your warm oranges and calm blues and feel the urge to take on something more my own size!

  3. Susan….I used to mainly be a painter of large canvasses…now I find the smaller, more intimate sizes most satisfying. I will still do a 40×40 inch one now and again, but only because I have those leftover stretcher bars, or an old one to paint over. At the moment, 12×12 inches to 24×24 inches is my range. Having said that, I am hoping REAL HARD, that a commission for 6 large paintings is in the works. I CAN be bought, ya know, haha.

  4. And I’ve seen some of your large works at BRAG and I want to HUG them Susan and dive in. Thanks for your thoughts, it’s prompted me to post about some things ahead as it’s been on my mind – that transition from small to big to small to big, and then small again :-]

  5. aw, Adrienne….you appear to be a master at moving b/w small and large and medium sized works.

  6. I believe artists have a scale that enhances their work. I prefer 150cm square, but God knows it is entirely impractical these days! I can hardly shift them! Crazy!

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