My latest. 20×20″ or 52x52cm….acrylic and crayon on wood panel. Wanted to step back from color this time. Just used Titanium White and Ivory Black and a black and a white crayon. For my Silver City show in October.

no, don't bless me site



  1. Oooh I loved clicking on this pic and seeing it large Nolan. Great energy. I do not do enough mono. Hmmm. Perhaps in NM, away from my native habitat.
    I love those two dark / light rings down in the centre bottom left. Something very constellation/star like for me. Yes, GORGEOUS!

  2. Thanks, Adrienne. Now that you like it, I don’t have to change it (like the last one), hahaha.
    Title could change down the road, but for now, I’m liking it.
    AHA….think I’m changing the title to: YOU JUST LOOKED UP AT THE STARS.

  3. Nolan when I first looked at this painting those two white lines suggested a ladder to the stars to me …. I’ve just finished watching the short US tv series ‘Angels in America’ again, saw it in the 90’s … One of the main characters climbed a burning rope ladder to some limbo where angels live.
    You’re so good at those poetic titles .. I often find it hard work coming up with a title I’m happy with, but the right few words can lead people into the painting heh hint at an interpretation an invitation to engage .. so I keep laying awake in the night thinking. Loved your ‘reverse mermaid’ comment and it made me think a little differently about that painting which is always good.

  4. Thanks, Susan and Christine. I have had a few pals email that they preferred the first title. But, I’m keeping it as is now. Susan….I get most of my titles from song lyrics (like this one .. like No, Don’t Bless Me), poetry (mainly Edna St. Vincent Millay) or from my own journal. And I shouldn’t call it a journal. Writing in a book once every few months does not a journal make.

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