Drawing ‘supersized’

Susan has got me thinking about sizes after the last post and the comments.

This big canvas will hopefully hang at Brag and the study for the painting is in my hand. It’s 9cm/3.5in wide and will be super sized up to 100cm/39in wide 😀

054AW_HugeDetail06After this piece I will be moving onto work for a show about NM, with Jenny G. We have given ourselves a challenge with all works being no higher than 20cm/8in (as per the board I’m wearing as a hat). And they will form a (sort of) continuous line around the gallery walls.

Susan, I may need counselling at the BRAG Meet the Makers event (High Desert-ers, please feel free to click on and ‘like’ this event for us’, perhaps we could do something similar in LC?).
It’s going to be pretty interesting for me to work that small in oils—and I have done it—but it has been many years. I used to do small oil studies before lurching onto big canvases (phrrrt! where did that good practice go?). I’m sure it’ll lead to using different tools, and I’ll have to search for some self control as I know my inclination will be to get ‘fiddly’ with works that size. Hmmm. Okay, back to the monster…


4 thoughts on “Drawing ‘supersized’

  1. Wow, that show with you and Jenny sounds wonderful. Brava to you both. Nice, pix and explanation, Ms. Adrienne. =]

  2. It will be a hoot Nolan. I’ll be working on some drawings for it when I’m over thar! Could have a Winkler tribute section after my Nowhere retreat. Hey… we’ve called the show ‘Road to Somewhere’.

  3. Road to Somewhere….gotta love it. I once did a series: Notes on Nowhere. Maybe I’ll ready me some 8x8s, too. Just for fun. Once again, WHEN will you be in NM? Don’t yet have to give me a date for nowhere, just NM.

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