But she had wings

but she had wings site

So, Susan….I may have actually finished this. Your winged woman inspired me to paint to that title I’d been thinking about for a few months. And this subject IS a throwback to a series I did about 30 years ago (women with wings). But, she’s brought way up to date here so I’m pleased so far.

She’s 20×40 inches…51x101cm  acrylic and crayon on wood panels.

Have to attach my latest FaceBook ID photo. hahahaface


5 thoughts on “But she had wings

  1. She’s magnificent Nolan. You feel confident she can escape the darkness, if that’s what she wishes on those wings as fragile as they appear all light and space.
    You have me looking back at my long history with winged women; they keep popping up in one form or another. I’ve usually given them only one wing! a remnant, poor things. I’ll post some.

  2. IF I can find pix of some of my 30 year old ones, I’ll post a few, too. what fun.

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