Generosity and Gratitude and Wine

I’m so tantalisingly close to finishing my oil painting for Unsettled’s walls. I had to stop due to low light tonight, and now I’m heading to Brisbane for the opening of a show so I’ll be back for the big finale on Monday morning.

If you click here, you’ll find a small gallery of the works on show in Brisbane this weekend. They are mostly small pieces, but the largest of the pieces sold last week and we all know how great it is to have a Red Dot/Unsettled Boot at the opening.

AW15_GT009_MagentaZoneAccess_ESince moving to this region I’ve experience tremendous generosity and I reflect on that tonight as news of who’s coming to the opening trickles in. Without WBHD I would not have met Christine and she’ll be there with us all on Friday night, and Marlies is making a trip to Brisbane to be there too (a journey 30 miles more than from LC to ABQ!)

And there are people coming who were at the first show 16 years ago, including my big brother who’s been to every one including an exhibition opening in Darwin, some 3500km (2,175 miles) away. So, before I ‘crack’ jokes, I express gratitude: Thank You. A wonderful regional artist said to me her partner was excused from attending openings after the 500th event. And it’s understandable that all your ‘besties’ can’t get to every event, but boyo isn’t it wonderful to huddle amongst them when they can. To snuggle in their friendship and not feel like a deer in the headlights!

Of course, now we get to wine! I mean, I cannot sup the product of the grape—apparently I have to speak at some point—and so I have devilishly challenged my Team to step up for me. For Art’s sake :-]

Next Post: post-opening.

8 thoughts on “Generosity and Gratitude and Wine

  1. aw, wish we could be there with you and Christine and Marlies and……… You’ll have fun.

  2. I wish you a wonderful opening night and many red dots!!! Those works will be brilliant lined up on the gallery walls

  3. All the best missy we look forward to hearing all about it next week, will be thinking of you, have a glass for me xxx

  4. Just enjoy it…exhibitions are a party for the artist and not to be taken too seriously!! Ha! See you tomorrow! cx

  5. Wow, I see on your FaceBook page that THREE have already sold. They’ll give you a SOLO next year. O boy.

  6. Thanks Nolan, I think that 8 out of the 12 have been dotted so far. I’m pretty blown away by it. The Gallery model seems to be to have 2-3 artists each opening, it must be how they can keep 120 artists on their books. It seems to be a model that’s worked well for them, and to be honest, it’s quite lovely having other artists there. Not so much pressure, on so many levels, including producing enough work. I could only just make it with the 12 pieces this time. So, I’m thrilled, happy as those clams you refer to 😀

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