Nolan Out of the past they come just some of the women with wings who have flown into my art over the past 20 odd years, acrylic watercolour digital ceramic!

wing collection


6 thoughts on “wings

  1. wow, wow, wow, Susan. I love them all. You are so danged good at your imagery! Thanks for this. Back in the day (I WILL find at least a few of mine some day sooner than later) I stopped painting my winged women (no ‘charm’ in mine, like yours) because people began painting ‘angels’ for some odd reason. As soon as that happened, I pulled all of mine that were left from galleries and never did another. Till now. ha. I’m thrilled with yours….much better than mine, I fear. O well. Thanks again for these.

  2. Your winged women will be danged good too Nolan for sure. I love the idea of them being pulled from the gallery wall probably proclaiming ‘don’t mix us up with no dam angels we are just women with wings!’ . mine are mostly one winged women, can only flutter a few feet off the ground and dream of a time when they believe they flew over mountains or small hills at least. But the one on the throne , think I called her ‘Queen of paper umbrellas’ , seems to be on top of things.
    You are so kind to me Christine, I’m so fortunate to have your friendship.

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