Adrienne’s Exhibition Opening

ADRIENNEAdrienne can stand tall and proud after a stunning opening last night.  People everywhere, waiters with copious amounts of wine rotating, keeping us topped up.Adrienne here there and everywhere.  I will run into her soon I thought.

Adrienne’s beautiful paintings studded with red dots… least half of her works sold last night, and I feel certain more will sell over the next few days.

Brilliant effort Adrienne and Red Hill Gallery!!  It was a great night!  C X

PHOTO: Adrienne with Keith Stewart and Christine Turner


7 thoughts on “Adrienne’s Exhibition Opening

  1. Congratulations Adrienne !! on such well deserved success!!!

  2. Thanks so much everyone, and Chris thank you for such a lovely post. I stood proud and tall right up to when the head cold overtook me and now I am snuggled under flannelette layers sipping lemon drinks and generally being very unfun.

    I was so thrilled you could be there too. They are strange events, yes like a party, but I also feel like I’m ‘floating’ at them – not completely connected to the room. I had 2 lovely experiences at this one where buyers came to chat with me about what they’d just bought. Wow, how enjoyable that was, to meet people you might not normally get to meet.

    And Red Hill does put on a cracker of an event. The waiter kept me nicely topped up on sparkling water and then some good friends raced a wine glass to me after the speeches. Heeeeee.

    Back to the flannelette and the schnuffling… more posting when I’m well.

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