Arizona gopher snake has his way

Heard birds making such a fuss in one of our trees, I had to go check it out….look what I/we found! Happy snake. Poor babies.

snake 2snake 1

Hey, Adreinne….in a tree outside your guest room. haha


3 thoughts on “Arizona gopher snake has his way

  1. Snakes???!!!! I managed to avoid and not see them in Australia and now I learn you have them too. If there is one animal in the world I can live without its snakes. They give me the creeps. No bush walking for me haha

  2. Hehe. As we like to say in Oz, ‘that’s not a snake, this is a snake’ (cue the Aussie snakes and their terrifying statistics 😀 ). But really, he is beautiful but can STAY out of my Hillsboro pad.

  3. Oh and they had such a lovely home there! but beautiful snake.

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