framing two rather large (it’s relative, isn’t it?) pieces for Unsettled

Just took them in for framing yesterday and the charming and wonderful framer may actually have them ready for me to pick up on Thursday as I hit Unsettled Gallery for the luncheon or nibbles with Alex and other artists. That would be amazing and wonderful and would help me from not having to hit Las Cruces the next week, too (160 miles away…258km round trip). Fingers crossed.

GREAT news for me is a commission of 3 paintings. Just much bigger than the originals that are out at galleries. Very excited. For a Ritz Carleton Hotel in Sarasota, Florida. Deadline looming. Starting today.AA-1003 N Winkler Thread of LightAnd here’s #1 in black gesso form. smiles.commission startShould be dry enough for first coat next. Going to be fun. I hope.


6 thoughts on “framing two rather large (it’s relative, isn’t it?) pieces for Unsettled

  1. hey, Jean….Jeff says he’s framing your pieces, too, haha. If he gets mine ready by Thursday I’ll be mightily impressed! I just took them in yesterday…44×33 each…or thereabouts. BUT, no glass so easier.

  2. Even on the computer screen they have you feeling you could float thru them .. a great place to have your artworks I recon where many people can see and enjoy them even those who wouldn’t normally go to a gallery. And ahh the mysterious black void waiting for the next image to be conjured up

  3. Superb works Nolan. As Susan said you are opening up a new audience. Lucky aren’t they? And you will probably get more more commissions from this exposure. You are going to be extra busy aren’t you? c x

  4. Christine, I can only hope. I spent many years making good money doing what the trade refers to as ‘room art.’ Smaller, usually floral or shells or….monotypes. Was fun and helped to serve my painting for galleries (first love). After hotels went more ‘abstract’ my room art biz died so I just let it be and painted. Now, the trade is picking up on my abstract repetitive stuff. Who knows how long that will last. Got to get it while I can. Hope the gallery goers pick up on it sooner than later.

    2 down, 1 to go. =]

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