You’re all looking fabulous!

057_AWCatalogueExciting day today, the catalogue has gone off to print, and you all look so GOOD. I’ve felt very privileged to have an early look at everyone’s work. Thanks to WBHD I amigos Dave and Carey for use of their photographs. They are stunning.

Here’s a sneak peek at my canvas work that has just landed at the framers in Las Cruces, and my favourite sharpened screwdriver for unpicking the staples. Those on the last project know the story of how I punched this screwdriver through the face of my two WBHD I paintings – an event which took about 10 years off my life!

Right, now back to finishing that final unruly piece. What? Did I say that out loud?



2 thoughts on “You’re all looking fabulous!

  1. aw, Adrienne…you’re too good. And one busy woman! It’s a good thing for us you’re such a talent. THANKS.

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