hey, NM artists…

see you at Unsettled around 2 tomorrow, Thursday. If Jeff the framer is on a roll, I’ll be able to pick up and bring my two pieces. See you there, those of you who can make it.


6 thoughts on “hey, NM artists…

  1. And just a few hours later our WBHD artists will be setting up in the Access Studio at BRAG for the first of their ‘Meet the Makers’ days. Second one Sunday.

  2. Was a nice meeting with a few of the artists, my hunnybunny and Catherine at the gallery yesterday. Got to see Alex’s work in person…bravo! Dave Sorensen stopped by with a bottle o’Aussie vino and shared and that was fun. A couple artists didn’t show but that seems to be due to date confusion (I had it, too, but was corrected in time). Thanks Catherine for the comradery at the gallery and the foods and beverages. Tell Donald we missed him!

  3. Thanks so much for the lovely reception on Thursday! We had a great time. Went past Mesilla afterwards to look at the pecan plantations–had never seen SO MANY together, it’s a contiguous forest of beautiful, lush, mature trees. And we saw them flooding from the ditches that feed from the big Rio right when we passed. Such a treat! Looking forward to meeting the rest of you on the 28th.

  4. aw, geez, your mentioning the 28th made me realize I need to cancel plans to be at another group show opening that night. Forgot it is the same night as Cruces. Need to to at the Cruces one. sigh. O well, so it goes.
    Yeah, was so nice to see you and Juliana again. And see the rest who attended. Hope the motel accommodations were fine. At least with a working air conditioner. ha.

  5. Great to meet the Eulert’s at Unsettled. Wonderful, diverse international background, so fitting for WBHD. I especially liked seeing Alex’s work come out of the packing. I wasn’t sure what to expect from just the photos on the blog. Very beautiful with great 3-dimensionality to the surfaces. Thanks to Catherine for hosting a gathering, but sorry I couldn’t meet some of the other artists due to the no-show….but Nolan can carry a room all by herself.

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