Makers in da house

It was a really delightful time working away in the BRAG studio on Friday and Sunday, with a gentle, then busy, then gentle flow of visitors through each session. Trevor came a long way to be there which was very special. Trudie and Jenny came and played too, and as usual the Brag staff and volunteers did a beautiful set up for us, and directed brave Gallery visitors up to the Makers mess!

AW72_MTMcombopicAW061_TrevorMTMAW062_TrevorMTMOn the Friday we had a great roll up from Council supporters and people stayed quite a while to chat with the artists.

In our little homage to Nolan and her yam brushes we set up a kids area for carving and printing. A large amount of sweet potato is grown in the Bundaberg region.

Some of the big kids got involved too.











AW064_AriellaMTMAriella set up some of her stunning work, and visiting kids had a ball with her, rolling clay and making impressions. She is great at explaining her process and now, on a basic level, I understand what Raku is. Amazing!

And I really enjoyed hearing her talk with visitors too, you could see they enjoyed it so much. Shows how important it is to be able to communicate what you do on many levels.

And below, Marlies cutting cutting cutting edge. And Susan creating some beautiful bases.


And Jenny continued working on her stunning BBQ tray retablos for her November show. Everyone who sees them says ‘yes please, I’ll have that one’.


And I was mucking about on paper with some Aspen, watercolour and gouache. What a great day get together we had. Thanks to all of you, and very much to Wendy @ BRAG for her hard work on getting the promo material out there for us all.




6 thoughts on “Makers in da house

  1. Wow, thanks for the kudos/yam prints…haha. Loved it. Hope the kids had fun. The adult, too. Liked his prints. LOVE seeing Jenny’s ‘retablos’…my, my, they are stunning! And so is your watercolor, gouache, AW. FUN post. thanks.

  2. Thanks for this post Adrienne. Was a great oportunity for us widebayers to spend time with each other and talk to visitors about the bones of our artwork and great cake too!

  3. Oh yes … the cake definitely deserves a mention! She draws, she paints and she cooks a ‘mean’ cake as well 🙂 Thanks A

  4. hey, Susan…back up to the Calling Ms. Hutton post and read the quote I found. NICE.

  5. Outstanding as usual, gang! I wish I were there again. It is wonderful to see the energy and community involvement at BRAG, so typical of my experiences there in 2013. Clearly WBHD 2 is underway and gaining momentum in Bundy. Beautiful work Jenny….is there any medium that you don’t instantly master?

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