Latest Aussie Painting

I just completed “Gosford Dawn,” a watercolor that I started on the veranda of ChArtS in October 2013. The scene is of the very first dawn sunlight through the haze of bush fire smoke on rocks above my B&B, the first morning of my 2013 visit to Oz. Gosford is just north of Sydney.  I based the painting on the very first photo I took that trip.  The painting is on 300 gsm rough, cold-press Arches block paper, and measures 18″ x 24″ (45 x 60 cm).  Just in time to honor the WBHD 2 opening, by closing up this loose end from WBHD 1!

DDS watercolor-Gosford Dawn-12 aug2015-final-f

Gosford Dawn-final on table1-f


Starting "Gosford Dawn" on veranda at ChArtS

Starting “Gosford Dawn” on veranda at ChArtS


2 thoughts on “Latest Aussie Painting

  1. Nice stuff, Mr. Sorensen. Thanks for sharing. See you soon. Again.

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