Art Donation

Sometime last year I acquired some free watercolors of outhouses/dunnies by a folk artist named Laurine Kimmel.

Laurine Kimmel outhouses-collage

After some searching I tracked down more info.  Her family created a foundation and an art center in Nebraska City, Nebraska (think Alice Springs remote).  Laurine had some modest success as an amateur artist with a series on outhouses across the country, called “American Architecture.”

It turned out that my cross-country journey in June put me within striking distance of Nebraska City, so I popped in and surprised the Foundation with a donation of the five original watercolors.  They had no idea about their provenance since they were painted and were thrilled.  It was especially sweet to see two of the paintings in prints hanging on the walls of the Art Center.  Now the real ones are “home” again.  Amazing the roads collecting can take you!

DDS with Laurine Kimmel paintings-f

I have a soft spot for dunnies ever since my first trip to Oz, and collect “artistic” images in rural USA as well, though not many remain.

San Antonio NM yellow outhouse-e

Oz bench-e  The last is a different “throne” by a Montana waterfall, but I was reminded of my mates on other side of the planet, so include it here.


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