End of the Beach – a Beginning

I’ve begun work on another major Aussie watercolor, titled “End of the Beach.”  It captures the intersection of the Pacific Ocean, the 30 mile/45 km long Main Beach (along the east side of Moreton Island, off coast of Brisbane), and the lava cliffs from the remnants of the volcano that anchors all the sand on the island.  This is still in early stages, but I’m already teasing out a few details in the rocks below the cliff, and those wonderful sand ripples.  For scale, the scene is several hundred meters across.  From the photos you can probably appreciate why this is one of my fave spots in Oz.

DDS watercolor-End of the Beach-16aug2015-f

start of End of the Beach-f

Moreton-main beach base wide-c  Moreton-main beach long view-c

2 thoughts on “End of the Beach – a Beginning

  1. I didn’t even get to finish it before a mate in Oz put in a claim for the finished painting. Nice to have collectors with faith that the outcome will be successful.

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