“Packing it in”

An expression with many applications.
With 5 sleeps to go until I hop on the little plane from Bundaberg, it could be said I’m Packing it in, Packing it in, and, Packing it in.

AW073_Package01AW74_Package02This morning it was fun to lightly wrap the big piece and it’s tiny companion piece for delivery to BRAG tomorrow. Then I plastic wrapped some tiny prepared boards and canvasses to fit in my big backpack, and set out my little backpack that will be seen hiking and biking around Las Cruces very soon :-] I’m not sure what else is going into the big pack at this stage but it’s fair to say I’ll be packing it in.

I always seem to have an unrealistic list of jobs I’d ‘like’ to get done before I go and it feels like I’m packing it in in the run up to a trip. On todays wish list is to print some more Blue Wombat cards that I’ve designed for sale – fingers crossed I can pack that in!AW75_BlueWombatAnd at some point I always have to pack it in, surrender, and let go of the other 5 things on the list I’ll never get to and just get on the plane. And if all goes to plan, I’ll be in Las Cruces next Wednesday evening. Exciting!


5 thoughts on ““Packing it in”

  1. wow, your grounds and studio look so neat and organized. I’ll be kinda embarrassed when you come here, but, so be it….I’ll get over it, haha. Have a safe trip, ms. Williams.

  2. That is so exciting Adrienne! Can’t wait to meet you in person. It looks like you and Marlies will be in NM together on the first week of October…when you have a chance, please tell me what dates would work best for you and Marlies for a late lunch/ early dinner at our place in Lamy, so I can make a general invitation in a separate post.
    By the way, I am interested in those pallets with artificial grass on. Are they some sort of cart that you invented to move artwork?
    Have a safe trip!

  3. haha Nolan, the power of selective photography framing!! A lot of the yard is a disgrace… the bit between the studio and the house is bearable! We just mow our weeds, at least you whack yours!

    Alex that sounds fantastic. Let’s chat at the opening! yay!
    The pallets are just stools on wheels so I can move them to clean (which I never do!). They’re mostly designed for artists to sit on, with significant others, and drink wine and watch the mountain in the late evening light and are very successful for this purpose :-]

  4. The wombat is a cutie….gonna want one for my daughter (and maybe her compulsive collecting dad as well.)

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