Alive and kicking!

Yes, I am still alive….time just seems to get away from me. But I must admit I have been and are still very busy.

Apart from running a shop and the day to day chores, I have been very busy getting my exhibition together for Gatackers Artspace in Maryborough which opened on 1st August and is on display until the 31st August. I managed to complete 17 artworks and surprisingly they all worked very well together having only seen them dotted around the studio.  Phew!

Here are a few images of my exhibition called “Colour from my Mind”





On 8th August we had our first Laneway Event next to our shop for the launch of the Bundy Culture Map, a self-made zine from people from Bundy for people in Bundy and visitors showcasing all our hidden secrets not just the typical tourist spots (will bring one over for you Dave!) As part of the event I had committed to doing a live collage on our shop wall. It was very hot that day and I was completely exhausted, but for my first one, I was very happy with the outcome (still need to do some minor adjustments before I leave on my big trip.

The night before I projected the image on the wall (based on my stamp collage on Marilyn Monroe). For the actual collage I used Campbells special Andy Warhol soup can labels.



…and hard at work the next day 🙂



Three hours later…..



…the last piece of my collage goes on the wall. YAY!!

With my departure only one and a half weeks away I still need to finish two stamp collages and guess who this is?



P1060237 P1060240

Talk soon 🙂


2 thoughts on “Alive and kicking!

  1. Congrats on the Gatacker’s show! Looks great! And I really like the collage work on the wall, although where was Johnny’s dog? 🙂 Thanks for thinking of me with the zine….I am and will remain a part of Bundy cultcha.

  2. haha, we all love the Deppman. As I said in another post….you are one busy woman! Your energy could do me in. smiles

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