Favourite second hand stores…

For the Las Cruces artists: very early next week I’d like to visit a 2nd hand clothing store for some painting and hiking clothes. And let’s face it, for many and varied items.

Do any of you have any favourites? Here we call them ‘Op Shops’, short for Opportunity Shops, or the ‘Salvos’ run by the Salvation Army, or ‘Vinnies’ run by the St Vincent de Paul Society.

Tips on favourite grocery/fruit and veg shopping places would be handy, and I know the lovely art supplies store in the centre of town has good gear. All other tips would be wonderful. If not before, see you Friday night :-]

And a tall order is a spare portable easel—it may be simpler to buy one—but if any of you have a spare that you don’t mind being used for 7 weeks indoors and outdoors, it would be wonderful and I get to buy you a Margarita at the Double Eagle :-]


3 thoughts on “Favourite second hand stores…

  1. I can’t solve the easel requirement, but no worries on the rest. I’ll take you around to the one’s I know, and may have some surplus Op-shop goodies in my own closet. The glorious Ranch Market closed, but I can get you set up with a range of stores. I’m not even sure where you are staying in town, or what’s closest. We’ll get you all stocked up within 24 hours, and am happy to fly to the shop while you nap and catch up from jet lag.

  2. Dang, I must say, Adrienne and Dave….you two are the best WB/HD ambassadors I know! Talented, kind AND generous. Lucky for the rest of us. haha

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