Finding new homes for paintings

I generally don’t sell locally, thanks to a weak market in Las Cruces among other considerations.  So it was a joy to take my mobile gallery on tour to the East Coast and points in between, from May through early July.  Lots of old and new friends along the way saw fit to add a piece of Australiana or WBHD 1 to their collections.  The gang in Bundy may recognize a few.

visit to Roy-lads with art2-e Steve & Larene with print1-e Sherwood ranch art display-e Sharon Judkins with DDS prints-e  Dee and Mike with print-f Eileen and print2-e Bennett prints-e

Also on my travels, I completed a commissioned painting for some friends while visiting at their second home in Montana, looking out at the beautiful Bitterroot Mountains.  “Look Mom, I Kissed a Girl” is a portrait of their son and his new wife in a waterfall, which they surprised the newlyweds with for first anniversary.

Al Laura hold painting for John2-e DDS painting with mt view-f

I also cemented friendships during collection tours with some local artists who enjoyed some original pieces still left over around the house.  They left with something for their own walls.

Storm Sermay holds palm painting-e   DDS Watercolor-palm curacao-10oct10-crop

I have several major works by Storm Sermay, a wonderful photographer, and now she has one of my Caribbean miniature watercolors, “Palm Curacao”.

Steven Monget & DDS by Anger daylit-f Steven Monget holds Moonlight Hunt-f DDS Watercolor-moonlight hunt-19feb2013-f

I’d recently acquired several works by high school phenom, Steven Monget, including the large “Anger” self-portrait shown above.  He loved a small watercolor sketch I did of an imaginary puma hunting in my favorite local canyon, titled “Moonlight Hunt.”

Michael C Gutierrez with moose doodle-fDDS Watercolor-surreal moose-1976-c  Michael C. Guttierez and I are negotiating over a wonderful photo by Mike that was in the Here&Now exhibition at the museum (with me and Nolan).  Part of the deal will be this trade for my “Surreal Moose” (1976), that he spotted during a collection tour.

Sandra hold up Aguirre print-f

Sandra Bender, who runs Mas Art Frame Shop with her sister, Malu, and another woman (sound familiar, Marlies?) spotted my “Boulder Field, Aguirre Springs” (from WBHD 1) when a print came in for framing.  She promptly ordered me to make her another for her own collection.

By the way, everyone touring the collection is loving the WBHD art works scattered around my house and are looking forward to meeting Adrienne and Marlies.

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