Welcome back, Adrienne!

Our traveling WBHD2 representative, Ms. Williams, arrived bleary-eyed but on schedule.  Her trusty chauffeur, yours truly, was most pleased to see her again.   After a pose by the world’s largest equestrian statue at the El Paso Airport (http://www.roadsideamerica.com/news/14011), I took her into the classic Camino Real Hotel lobby to see the world’s largest Tiffany stained glass sculpture.  Are you picking up on the Texas-is-big theme here?

Adrienne DDS at ELP statue-f  Adrienne Tiffany dome-f

The Bundaberg Ginger Beer welcome was nice, but some additional stimulants in the form of habanero chile fish tacos and margarita provided strength for an abbreviated tour of the South Mesilla Valley back roads en route to Las Cruces.  Got her checked in with Catherine at Unsettled Gallery (artwork mostly displayed and looking fantastic), who took her to the residency apartment and a food stock-up.  I then rejoined Adrienne for a proper re-welcome to the high desert in the form of a sunset vista of the Organ Mountains, complete with savories and sundowner beverages.  All to the tune of heavy gunfire by local redneck yabbos at the makeshift shooting gallery in the arroyo canyon below.  Such is New Mexico.

Adrienne Organ sunset welcome toast-f

This morning, on the official opening of WBHD2, Adrienne proved game enough for a first hike in the desert, to reset her bio-clock with dawn sunshine.  We explored the badlands area of colored arroyos and bluffs west of Picacho Peak volcano, on the west side of the city.  The wildflowers were in fine form, among jackrabbits running amok, tarantula killer wasps lumbering by, and plenty of coyote trails in the sand.  This was my first foray to a surprisingly substantial and architecturally ornate dam further up the box canyon, which held a sizable billabong flood from recent rains.

Box Canyon hike-morning vista-f Box Canyon hike-butte sky swirl-fBox Canyon hike-red formation clouds-f Box Canyon hike-Adrienne DDS red formation-fBox Canyon hike-dam canyon Adrienne-e Box Canyon hike-Adrienne walks dam top-eBox Canyon hike-billabong vista-f

As we bush-bashed our way back out to the main road, a roadrunner dashed across our path, in full living-dinosaur glory.  That was a fitting lead-up to the nearby highway rest area, which has a massive roadrunner statue, all made of recycled materials (guitars, crutches, sneakers/runners, etc.)  Look closely at the second view to find little Adrienne, for accurate scale, as opposed to the trick shot after.

Roadrunner statue mts contrails-e Roadrunner statue Adrienne2-eRoadrunner statue fed by Adrienne-e

A coffee and scone at The Bean coffee shop in Mesilla capped the morning.  Our sights are now set on tomorrow’s going opening reception.  See you then!


3 thoughts on “Welcome back, Adrienne!

  1. Hi Adrienne and Dave,
    So lovely to hear you had a safe trip Adrienne you look like a local already! and so wonderful to see all of these lovely images Dave, ENJOY!

  2. What can I say but “Oh WOW!” The food, the views, the giant roadside sculptures … the photography 😎 Now well and truly homesick for my ‘other’ home. Dave, you are a host par excellence, or the host-er with the most-er!

  3. Wow, Dave! Perfect morning hike for the Adrienne. I LOVE that sculpture of the roadrunner and I consider it massive good luck to have a roadrunner cross one’s path. And you must write down directions for that dam walk. Beautiful ‘architecture.’ See you tonight.

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