Adrienne gets some local border cultcha

Salsa dinner selfie with Adrienne-e

It was the start of the weekend’s annual Salsa Festival downtown.  They closed off main street for a fundraising dinner, Adrienne’s shout, and entertained us with a lively salsa band and dance demonstrations.  Adrienne got a lesson from a lovely lady at our table, but I was forbidden from taking any photos of her on the dance floor.  She did well enough that I almost called Donald Trump to have her hauled south of the border.  🙂

Salsa dinner-Adrienne and chips-e

Arriana (background, above), from Beck’s Coffee shop, was one of the main coordinators of the event.  The woman does everything downtown!  She’d like to make the area a formal art district in time.

Salsa dinner-band-e Salsa dinner-dance demo-e

I was able to introduce Adrienne to Bob Diven, one of our better known local artists and promoter of public art (he’s proposing an adobe Stonehenge-like installation for the nearby desert as a current project).  Bob reminds me a lot of Dave Machen of Bundy, talented and tireless for the community arts.


3 thoughts on “Adrienne gets some local border cultcha

  1. Looks like way too much fun. Adrienne….ya think you’re gonna get to work any time soon? haha. Enjoy the festivities….

  2. I’m on it Nolan, on it :-] Can’t help it if I came to a town that’s so alive! And this weekend coming, boyo, the art events ALL WEEKEND LONG!

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