hey, all you Aussie artists in the WB/HD exhibition here in Las Cruces…

Since Adrienne, being here, already knows how I feel about her wonderful pieces….I want to tell you all how well you represent your country in this exhibition. All works are creative, well done and so enjoyable to see. And Catherine did a beautiful job of hanging all our art. Brava, Catherine!

Christine…..wow is all I have to say. And wow to all of you. Susan…love those paintings! Your woman with the wing (china cup) is my husband’s favorite!

Trevor…such unusual work in relation to the last show here….creativity abounds in you. Ariella, ooooooooooooooooo love the raku! Marlies, your skull pieces are strong and captivating. Especially like the ‘quiet’ one.

As for us New Mexicans and all our work hanging at Unsettled…bravo to us, too. I am very proud and happy to be part of this exhibition. Now, let’s all put our energies to people purchasing our works! YES.

This blog is fun for me and hope it continues after the show. Would love to see some pix of the hanging in Bundaberg. I watched some of the Skyping, but only saw my pieces hanging WAY in the background. More, more. Thanks to Trudie and Jenny, of course. And thanks to Dave Sorensen who has been a great help to Adrienne in getting her settled and showing her the sites and hikes. Now, we all need to get back to work, right?


One thought on “hey, all you Aussie artists in the WB/HD exhibition here in Las Cruces…

  1. I certainly second your comments, Nolan. Very strong show. I was glad to be able to meet some of the newer artists/get to know them better, and to see Peggy Brown and Joel at the opening. Too bad Carey Crane couldn’t attend to complete the group.

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