In the meantime in Bundaberg

Only one week to go and I am off, too. Yay! First stop visiting my dad in Germany.

The first thing I check every morning are messages from Adrienne. I can tell she’s having a great time and you are all doing a fantastic job looking after her and making her feel welcome! Put her to work !!!!  If I wasn’t going myself I would be so jealous!!! My suitcase is slowly filling up haha….


What a great exhibition opening on Saturday! The exhibition looked fabulous and we had a great turn out and a few red dots, too. Pity that the sound wasn’t quite working but it was fun watching you all 🙂




Although I didn’t get a red dot on my Wide Bay pieces I managed to sell two artworks at Gatackers in Maryborough. A smallish one and a big one which sold for $1800 (my biggest sale so far,…I am just starting out 🙂


“On the Fifth Day”, Acrylic, Collage, Rhinestones on canvas, 1m x 1.5m


“Coloured Rectangles”, Acrylic on canvas

Phil went to pick the remaining 15 artworks up today of which three go into an Art Comp in Mount Perry this weekend and the rest will be displayed at the Montcrieff Theatre in Bundy for the whole of September. It’s all happening.

Still working on Captain Jack. I seem to have quite a bit of trouble with him. I had to change the face today as his nose was too long, but I am determined to finish him. Not the greatest photo, but he’s slowly emerging from the mist….Trying to make slight changes with cut up postage stamps is not that easy 😉



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