Meet the Maker in Las Cruces

MeetTheMaker_USG_01Catherine and I are busy cooking up some events, the first one is this Saturday. But before this I will spend my first day in the studio space tomorrow, across the road from the gallery. This has been generously provided by Dean and Diana Ayers and it has beautiful northern light and cactuses akimbo. I can’t wait to get started.

Yesterday I made some leporellos with beautiful Arches paper. These are to be my visual diaries for my time here. The first one comes out tomorrow on a hike for some plein air scribbling in graphite. Obvious thanks to Dave Sorenson from WBHDI for his incredible generosity and welcoming antics to date.

In the cactus garden at Unsettled Gallery, the leporellos grow!

AW84_LC week1


3 thoughts on “Meet the Maker in Las Cruces

  1. So, what’s the event this Saturday that we’ll miss due to readying for a birthday dinner party here? Dang. Love your whatchacallems. Have scrap paper for you but not this long. waaa

  2. Well, duh….all I had to do was to READ the ‘postcard’ on the post. Sorry I won’t be there. Have fun.Talk up one of my pieces and sell it, please. PLEASE? =]

  3. Heya, the watchacallems are strips glued together with Matte Gel Medium – trick taught to me by same guy who taught me the rock rubbing trick, John Wolseley. So I reckon your scraps will be absolutely perfect.
    I will be ‘on message’ on Saturday. About to email you all about the following Saturday :-]

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