Settled in at Unsettled

It was a wonderful event on Friday night at Unsettled Gallery and Studio, Catherine and Don put on a fabulous night, a big crowd attended, and banter and laughter flowed through the gallery and out into the Las Cruces evening.

For the Wide Bay artists, follows are some phone photos in panorama style (hence the occasional curvy wall), I think there may have been corn chip grease on my phone lens, but hopefully this will help for now to form a picture of what a lovely building your art hangs in. As with Trudie and Jenny, Catherine did a beautiful job of marrying artists and pieces throughout the exhibition. Below, room 2.

AW77_LC UGshow

AW79_LC UGshowAbove, room 2 from a different angle, looking through to room.

AW78_LC UGshowAbove is room 1 looking through the arch to room 2. And imagine these rooms packed and loud, artists meeting for the first time, and a great contingent of Las Cruces artists came out to support us all. And great fun waving to the art family in Bundy.

Ariella, I had a wonderful time explaining in very basic terms your raku firing, so glad you got to tell me about it. Here is a great printmaker Ouida Touchon with Joseph Wade of JW Gallery, in Hurley, NM. Plenty of interest in your beautiful work.

Please feel free to take these pics from the blog, will take better dslr ones for you all over the coming weeks. It’s amazing to be here.

AW80_LC UGshow


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