Ground work

AW88_LC week1

An early sunrise pickup made for a beautiful walk out on the Sierra Vista Trail – it would be difficult to tire of the view of the Organ Mountains. I have a feeling there will be a lot of vegetation picture posting, as the plant life is extraordinary.

These first few days have taken some settling in, like a nesting process. Gathering ‘places’ and materials and the basics, Catherine and Dave have both been very generous and BRAVE, loaning me their cars, and I head off on my first solo adventure in the morning – returning to this trail and a couple of spots along the way that got me excited about sketching.

AW89_LC week1_sierravista

Up close to the rocks, it’s hard to resist some rock rubbing, such a beautiful and fast way to add some ground to the paper. (Thanks for the pic, Dave.) I was taught to wash water over the reverse side of the paper and this allows the paper to press into the rock. Smooth paper is best, and I was using a graphite stick. There’s something nice about the landscape itself helping form the bones of the sketch.

AW86_LC week1Post-hike found me back at the art shop and seeking lots of advice on the brands and medium styles foreign to me. I had planned to postpone working in colour for now, but discovered resistance is useless! I did manage to bring an AS Australian Red Gold from home. I think I’m set and settled now and ready for a sunrise sketch to beat the heat.

AW87_LC week1

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