Next Aussie Landscape-also from Gosford NWS

I have begun the first of two large watercolors to be based on an amazing, twisted pink eucalyptus tree that I found in the bush above my B&B in Gosford, NWS (just north of Sydney) on the second morning of my 2013 trip.  This tree was within a few hundred meters of the rocks in “Gosford Dawn” that I recently completed (after starting on the ChArtS veranda).  The warm morning light, filtered through a bush fire haze, really accented the bizarre shape of the trunk and limbs with hot pink light.

Gosford-twisted pink gum in forest-c Gosford-twisted pink gum-c

The first one I’m painting is on a 16×24″ Arches block of rough cold press paper.  I am abstracting the forms and surroundings in this version, as seen from a bit of a distance.  Here are the drawing and initial undercoat stages of the painting.

Gosford Pink Tree started in DR-crop DDS watercolor-pink tree-02sep15-(drawing)-f DDS watercolor-pink tree-02sep15-f

The other version will be a very large watercolor, more than a meter tall, focusing on the core twisted part of the tree.  I will try out the new roll of Arches paper that just arrived.  It is a bit of a challenge to cut the stiff roll, then get the curl out to flatten the paper for use.  Fortunately the glass top of my kitchen table is just large enough to let the damp paper dry.

cutting watercolor roll in DR-cdrying paper on kitchen table-c


3 thoughts on “Next Aussie Landscape-also from Gosford NWS

  1. You are prolific aren’t you! Thanks for looking after AD. cx

  2. like that you’re ‘abstracting’ that background. Good stuff.

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