General Store trading exhibition

AW99_LC week1_UniThursday night this week saw the opening of two shows at New Mexico State University’s Art Gallery. One was out in the carpark—a wonderful interactive installation by artist Jason Middlebrook called ‘Your General Store’—click here to read about the piece.

Professor Julia Barello told me she was going to “trade her teapot”, it took me a while to work out this wasn’t a local expression, but that she really was going to trade her teapot at Jason’s installation. Julia exchanged her ceramic pot for a beautifully kitsch antique pot.

AW97_LC week1_UniAW98_LC week1_Uni
AW100_LC week1_Uni

The shipping container that is the ‘Your General Store’ is lined with wood and feels like an old cabin, the walls are adorned with beautiful, old objects, or small art pieces specifically created for trade. Each object has a tag stating the terms of trade. The tags make you smile. It’s a thoughtful and truly interactive piece.

AW101_LC week1_Uni

AW102_LC week1_WE

Then Friday night there were several shows opening, and the monthly Art Ramble in Main Street which was abuzz – especially down at the MazArt (art supplies shop) end of town where some body painting was drawing a cheery crowd. On Art Ramble night the stores and galleries stay open until 7pm and people wander from show to show, or see regular exhibits. It’s a really supportive event that showcases the many layers of the art community here.

Then it was on to one last opening at West End Art Depot, as studio and gallery cooperative, to see stunning line and pencil drawings of the figure by artist Michael Poncé. Sorry, no pics :-]

AW103_LC week1_WE


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