More Inspiration from J. Paul Taylor’s Home

Those two photo-card boxed sets that I produced as gifts for the wonderful J. Paul Taylor (see earlier blogs) were all a direct result of a request for commissioned paintings.  A couple that used to run an antique store here in Las Cruces provided the source for many of the wonderful things in JPT’s collection, which is largely part of the Taylor-Reynolds Barella State Monument formed of his home.  These friends wanted a pair of paintings that reminded them of their close relationship with JPT.  With the Taylor family permission, I took hundreds of photos of the house and collection as potential source material.  Here is the first of the two paintings they chose from those images.  It is titled “Entrance to the Collection,” and is a watercolor on Strathmore 400 series paper, 8″ x 10″.

DDS watercolor-Entrance to the Collection-6sep2015-f

And a few pix of the piece in progress:

DDS painting-start of JPT1-f  JPT crucifix entrance-mid stage-f  JPT crucifix entrance-late stage-f

Adrienne had the opportunity to meet Mr. Taylor on her last WBHD visit, and tour the home.

I’m holding off on starting the second painting for the commission until I can verify the whereabouts of the clients.  They dropped off the face of the earth after selling their business and moving from the area, terminating both their phone lines and not posting on Facebook or anything.  So maybe someone else will get this painting?  I’ve already got one standby offer.  Anyone else have this happen to them?


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