Weekend Art Labours (Labors)

On the first Friday of each month there is an Art Ramble in Main Street, Las Cruces where galleries and venues host everything from a kind of ‘show and tell’ through to exhibition openings. The ‘top and tail’ events this past Friday were probably the most spectacular with the MazArt crew, at one far end of Main Street, hosting a rather popular body painting event which was pretty hard to leave. At the other end of town was a beautiful show by Mexican artist Alejandro Von Zeschau. Draw dropping canvasses in acrylic and then worked over with a dremmel to carve words and motifs that were simply stunning. Sorry no pics to show.

Then Saturday was a day for working on the Unsettled Gallery patio to chat with visitors and drink coffee during what was a beautiful cool morning. Julie Ford Oliver and Usher Phillips visited, with Jean Reece Wilkey behind the camera.

AW104_LC week1_MTM1

AW105_LC week1_MTM1

The US Labour Day long weekend also hosted the Franciscan Festival at the Holy Cross Retreat in Las Cruces where up to 75 artists have stalls and attracte a great crowd all weekend to the peaceful retreat set amongst the pecan groves. I strolled along with Ouida Touchon who is the wonderful printmaker who shared some new techniques with me in 2013. And we got to see Virginia Maria Romero and her display. She has lovely miniature set up that shows her whole process of art making, and there was a steady stream of visitors to her set up. Lovely to see you again Virginia :-]

AW108_LC week1_VMR AW109_LC week1_VMR

And after browsing and chatting we were very thirsty and had to sit down and sip a cleansing ale made by Monks in northern NM. All for a good cause, of course.

Then Labour (Labor) Day saw four of us head out to the desert for some sketching and painting. Dave and Meg Freyermuth helped organise the morning. Meg is the first artist in residence at a newly created program at the newly listed Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument – essentially a listing as a very special National Park area. So, Michael Poncé and I joined them for the morning and we all scattered to favourite spots and enjoyed the morning birdsong.

Yet again sketching the ocotillo at a safe distanced despite the tricky photo by Dave. It’s a look but don’t touch plant, that’s for sure.

AW106_LC week1_MTM1And we found a purpling nopal… do any High Desert-ers know why they sometimes change colour? Is it soil changes? It’s going to be a feature somewhere in the sketches…

AW107_LC week1_purpleCactus


3 thoughts on “Weekend Art Labours (Labors)

  1. geezo, Adrienne….you’re one busy and social woman. Things will change here in nowhere, NM next week. =]

  2. Hah Nolan, there is a lot of napping. Sometimes I’m napping even when my eyes are open! The Winkler Art Retreat week is going to be heaven!

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