Blue Sands at White Sands

High on the wish-list of places to sit and sketch and ‘be’ was White Sands National Monument – a 275 square mile / 440 square kilometre patch of gypsum sand dunes sitting one hour north and 1.3m / 1.6km above sea level.

AW110_LC week1_WhSandsI had sketched here two years ago and really hoped to be back some time. So my trusty expedition side-kick and I headed out of Las Cruces on Wednesday afternoon as I really wanted to sit on the dunes as light faded and the desert became silent.

AW115_LC week1_WhSandsDSLeaving the car we wandered off into the dunes and after much oohing and aching, found our own places to sketch. Dave did quite a beautiful sketch, mine not so successful but still just a good absorption.

AW111_LC week1_WhSandsAW116_LC week1_WhSandsDSWe had about an hour in these places, and of course needed about 3 hours, but you have to time things right for White Sands so as to not be blinded by the white or burnt to a crisp or both. Each sketching visit here leaves me wanting more.
(Thanks DS for the two pics, left, and the G&T’s)

AW113_LC week1_WhSands

Then it was time to move to another perching spot to see the dusk colours do their thing. So utterly beautiful, the silence growing as each moment saw change of light. A very subdued hue with lots of horizon cloud and a short burst of hurrah magenta before dark. Can’t wait to take Marlies here, and Nearest.

AW114_LC week1_WhSands


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