Planes, Trains and Automobiles

After 30 hours on planes, trains and automobiles I safely arrived at my dad’s place in Germany.  At the beginning of the journey I always ask myself  how will I make it sitting for hours on end on a plane, but then after watching TV series after TV series and catching the latest movies , it just seems to happen.

The first plane from Brisbane to Abu Dhabi was a brand new one, so there was lots to play with, even the pillows  now have a perforation, so they fit nicely around your neck, so no need to carry the neck pillows with you anymore! You can see I am easy to please 🙂

The first leg of the flight took nearly 14 hours, the second 7 hours and from Frankfurt I had to go on a 4 hour train journey to Nuremberg. By that time I had enough and stayed the night in a hotel. The next morning saw another hour on a coach and then again on a train until I met my dad in Marktredwitz. A final car journey of 40 mins and I was home!!! Did I mention that my dad lives in a small village called Mehlmeisel? Hint – the longer the names of the places they smaller they are.


Mehlmeisel is a small catholic village of 1400 inhabitants situated in the North of Bavaria. Surrounded by woods and  fields it’s very quiet here. It’s a great place for hiking all year round  and skiing in the winter months. We are originally from Berlin but my parents decided upon retirement to make the shift from Berlin to Mehlmeisel, for a quiet life in the country, and quiet and country it is!! It’s lovely if you wish to reflect and relax and enjoy doing nothing. Unfortunately, that’s so not me but for two weeks I can just  about cope and there is always a bus to take you to the next big town (Bayreuth) to do some serious shopping!!!  More about Mehlmeisel you can even find on wikepedia!!!


Dad’s place


Surrounding dad’s place – fields, meadows and woods. If you are lucky you can spot deer and hares in the early evening.


Friendly neighbours



and did I mention my dad was a gardener….



This rose is more than 20 years old 😉

Today will start with a walk through the village and see if some new lawn ornaments (garden gnomes are very big here as are religious icons!) are on display.  That will be my first project  – to capture them on camera. There’s always a new kitsch series I could do. Oh, I just thought of a new series of paintings. Placing garden gnomes in the high desert…..


One thought on “Planes, Trains and Automobiles

  1. wow, glad you’re safe and sound on German ground. Looks beautiful.

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