New Discoveries

I have to apologise now as there might be quite a few blogs coming from me in the next two weeks and those might not just be about art but general stuff which goes through my head while I am on my “retreat” in Mehlmeisel.

I usually visit my dad once a year to check (hope) that he’s still healthy and well. He’s 82 now and lives on his own (mum passed away 5 years ago). Thankfully he looks really well and this might be thanks to a new lady friend !!! I am just so happy that there’s someone else in his life and he’s not not so lonely anymore. I wonder if I will meet her….

Had my first stroll trough the village yesterday. It’s nearly autumn here but everything is still in full bloom and sooo green. Plus everybody is so house proud, The gardens look immaculate, even the washing on the washing line looks organised! I felt like rearranging the colours 🙂




Lots of facades have paintings on the wall.

On my way I also came across a few new ornaments/icons and this new idea just manifests itself in my head.



And the following images are especially for my High Desert and Australian friends – GREEN and COLORFUL!!!




The next blog will be more arty, promise. Good bye from me and my two new friends for now 🙂



3 thoughts on “New Discoveries

  1. Thanks Virginia. Walking around the village I saw all these beautiful religious icons and was wondering if at all possible if we could work on a tableaux together while I am in LC? See you soon. Marlies

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