Sunday Adventures

I have never liked Sundays in Germany. It used to be the most boring day of the week.  All the shops were (and still are) closed, there was nothing decent to watch on TV and I had to go to work the next day. Now I run an art shop, so that’s fun and I live in a country were the shops are open and I have my art to keep me entertained for hours.

In a small village it’s even worse. The whole village turns into a ghost town…, but this Sunday was different. The weather was beautiful and my dad and I decided to go out for lunch. Our village has a ski slope and on top of the hill there’s a traditional Bavarian restaurant . We both went for pork schnitzel but for some strange reason the plates were too small 🙂


A couple of years ago the council created a wildlife park in Mehlmeisel, and this time I paid my 5 euros entry fee and had a look at our local wildlife. I was very lucky it was feeding time so all the creatures big and small made an appearance. I had a great time watching them. From wild boars to deer to wild cats, I saw them all.


This little guy decided the grass tastes better on the other side of the fence.


Smelly and big!


Oh deer, isn’t he majestic!


we want more food!!


Isn’t that great colour matching?!


I am not really that grumpy

Afterwards I decided to walk down the ski slope and today my legs are killing me.


Haven’t done any art works yet but I am doing a lot of creative thinking. 🙂

Need to go, bye for now



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