Hillsboro’s long term residents and passersby

AW136_LCWeek2_HboroA sunrise walk up Graveyard Hill in Hillsboro opened up to stunning light and views to all horizons. Señora and Señor Winkler headed out South and West, respectively, on their bikes while I watched for the tree of vultures and carefully stepped around the stones in the cemetery.

AW135_LCWeek2_HboroThe Autumn air was crisp and clear and the triangulated point after our journeys was the breakfast table, with much discussion about our ventures and the day ahead. Some of us had vegemite toast before heading out to park ourselves at our work stations. AW137_LCWeek2_Hboro



It wasn’t long before the strains of Nolan’s favourite music piped me up to her studio and I set up on a space she’d cleared for me and sploodged watercolour onto the studies of the cacti. While she worked on some canvi. Wonderful to see the yam printing in action. :-]

AW138_LCWeek2_Hboro AW139_LCWeek2_HboroAW140_LCWeek2_HboroAW141_LCWeek2_HboroIt was a day for observing and being observed and the dear little deer returned as I moved to the back deck to sketch some more cactus onto the large sheet of Arches paper.

Prior to this, something emerged from the small watercolours I was working up in Nolan’s studio, including a little deer with agave shaped ears in the turquoise green.

After sketching up on the large sheet, more paper wetting and rock rubbing was needed on the nopal shapes as a ground for colour tomorrow. As a grand finale to the the day, a skunk strolled past Winkler and I on the deck as we chatted in fading light. I sat like a statue wondering what would make it spray us as Winkler whispered ‘don’t scare it’ and we sat transfixed as it walked past our chair and out into the spotted cactus. Amazing.



3 thoughts on “Hillsboro’s long term residents and passersby

  1. I love this one, too, AW. Lovely journaling. The local grammar police realize you cleverness but for the readers: the Latin plural of canvas is canvasses. And to be even more properer, I was working on a panel. =] This is fun.

  2. ARUGH! Ms. Adrienne just corrected the grammar police regarding my typo and I cannot figure how to edit and fix it. ARRRRUUUUUGH.

  3. Haha, it’s time we gave up on trying to out-Latin each other and get back to belly laughing!
    I remember now, you can only edit comments on a post that you’ve written. 😀
    It’s like one of those ancient Turkish rugs, a little fault woven into each design as only Dog is perfect.

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