Back to the big city

AW151_HbtoCityofRocksAW152_HbtoCityofRocksWell the day finally came when I had to leave the Winkler art retreat, just another usual day: sun rose, skunk wandered by, deer strolled across my path, and 6 javelina scratched and wandered around some buildings across the road. That was pretty exciting.

Nolan and Winkler put on a wonderful lunch for some visiting Las Cruces artists including Dave, He of Excellent Destination Choices. After farewell hugs and hiding tears we wound our way up through the recovering forests of the Gila Wilderness west of Hillsboro, where fire swept through 2 years ago. Back on flatter high desert floor, it was on to City of Rocks State Park for sunset. Hopefully the photographer in the party posts some of his images too.

AW154_HbtoCityofRocksAW155_HbtoCityofRocksJust outside the park gate, you can look across to the little City of Rocks (upper left in the pic), sitting slightly out of place in the big open desert.







Wandering through the shapes it’s easy to find beautiful formations and compositions, but not so easy to find a beautiful pictogram that a kind camper led us towards. Check the circular hole in the image below…

AW159_HbtoCityofRocksAW160_HbtoCityofRocksAW158_HbtoCityofRocksAW153_HbtoCityofRocksAnd sunset did it’s thing. There was no sketching, but just sitting in the cooling air, watching lightening on the horizon and the blues of a building storm.

I’m doing a bit of ‘sightseeing’ this weekend, so lots of photos to come on the blog for the Australians and the family back home to enjoy.

Beautiful place.


2 thoughts on “Back to the big city

  1. Amazing place … and incredible little petroglyph! Would NEVER have found that without some assistance!

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