Watery colours

AW161_Week4Hike1Saturday morning was slated as a hike/sketch morning with trusty hiking guide DS and his friend from El Paso. We got to the trailhead at first light and started a gentle, then steeper climb up the lower slopes of the Organ Mountains into Achenback Canyon. At one point I looked up and said “hey Dave, what’s that beautiful mint coloured tree…”

AW162_Week4Hike1AW163_Week4Hike1“…that contrasts so beautifully with that dark grey cloud?” Or words to that effect. Right on cue lightening flashed from one dark grey cloud to another, a gentle rumble started, and before too long we were standing in a high desert rain storm at about 6000ft / 2000m.


The original plan was for my guides to keep walking while I sat in the canyon and sketched but the weather had other plans and after a brief view of our final destination (through the rivulets running off our hat brims) we turned and headed for the car. The rain was transformative and the plants seemed to glow in the grey light.

AW164_Week4Hike1The yucca flowers along the trail were in full display, in a very subdued palette of colours.

AW165_Week4Hike1AW166_Week4flwr_sketchA quiet Sunday at ‘home’ made space for recording the rainy trip and the mad abundance of flower spikes. Not the most successful sketch but good to put it down on paper, and will think more about that subdued palette.
AW168_Week4flwr_sketchOh, and the tree was a baby Juniper. And we had to have the heater on in the car as we drove home to warm up. Great hike, thanks again Dave 🙂


2 thoughts on “Watery colours

  1. sounds memorable. And you got some beautiful ‘sketches’ in paint from it, too. Brava. How fun!

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