Catching up


I have been busy lately. A week after WBHD II opening, I had my solo show opening (Human/ Nature) in Albuquerque. It was a great crowd and I sold one piece. I am sharing some images:

Human_ Nature opening1 Human_ Nature opening2 Human_ Nature opening 3 Human_ Nature opening 4 Human_ Nature opening 6 Human_ Nature opening 7 Human_ Nature opening 8 IMG_0170

Then, we flew to San Diego to attend to some business. No photos from there…let’s just say we’re glad to be back home.

Here’s the most recent harvest:


I am happy to be back at the studio. Have just sold a piece in Buenos Aires! Will post soon with invitation to our home in October.


5 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. pictures look great…..your show looks wonderful. Congratulations on your sales, too. Always NICE. I’m happy you two are back in NM, too. =]

  2. The gallery looked great. The work presented very nicely. Well done on the sales!

  3. Your artwork looks amazing! Can’t wait to meet you in person! And sales are always such a thrill!!!

  4. Your work hangs beautifully together Alex, hope you were happy with it all. Haven’t got up your way yet, but hopefully soon. Marlies and I will have wheels during our 2 week crossover. Zoom zoom.

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