Monday exchanges

A cool, cloudy morning greeted Jean Wilkey and I as she drove us out to the Sierra Vista Trail for a painting session. Jean is braver than I and she set up her gorgeous plein air oils kit enhanced by tricky home made attachments and launched into a little pear painting.

AW170_Week4_JW_sketchI made that sound really fast, but we did laugh a lot at long it seemed to take us both to set up and settle. I’ll let Jean post her work, but of course it was greatly enhanced by her new AS Australian Green Grey oil tube. 🙂

Afterwards we headed back to Jeans home and studio and she patiently suffered through my coffee order, and we sat and yarned in her studio. There’s something great about having other artists to talk with. Practice, material, subject, object, objective, is the work good enough, is the work not – and the 325 other anxieties that arise from creating something subjective. Obviously, 324 of those were mine.

AW169_Week4_JW_sketchWith all of those problems completely resolved we then went and found the Wandering Winklers at the International for lunch, and then Jean had to leave us for responsibilities and I ran away to the movies with the Hillsboron’s (Hillsborites?). Oooooh intense film, Black Mass. How we jumped and squeaked through that.

A great day of work and play. Thanks Jean, look forward to our next plein air session.

To save you looking Jean, this is the video of my plein air hero, John Wolseley. Your students may enjoy it too. His work is ‘place’. Sigh.


4 thoughts on “Monday exchanges

  1. I see you got my best side, Adrienne! It was great fun and as usual I got home to find I forgot to take pictures – or at least enough to do a meaningful post. I love the painting you started and can’t wait to see the finished result. I hope we get out again soon. After all I still have to try the Australian Red Gold paint.
    And Nolan, it was great fun seeing you and Winkler. We have to get together again when you’re down.
    Thanks for the link for John Wosley. Maybe I’ll show the video after your talk. Thanks for agreeing to speak to my students.

  2. no pictures of YOUR sketches? ha. Jean’s palette and set up is quite impressive. Being a complete studio painter, it’d be fun to try sketching out there. I’d miss my sweet potatoes, though. =]

    Yes, BLACK MASS….thoroughly enjoyed that one. Johnny Depp WILL be up for best actor. Another lovely day for us….lunch with Jean (who(M) I seldom get to see and Adrienne who will be gone too soon…. Then vanilla frozen yogurt for dinner on the way home, arriving to RAIN. YES.

    Thanks, Jean and Adrienne. Made our day. And Johnny D. and Benedict C. =]

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