Another Gosford, NSW painting in progress

I’ve wanted to do something big for a while, so carved off a chunk of Arches 300 gsm roll paper and started winging it.  The watercolor painting is another variant of the twisted pink gum tree in the early orange dawn light of Gosford, from a photo on my 2013 WBHD1 trip.  I’m trying to keep it loose and abstracted.  I still have a session or two to complete this almost 4 foot/1.2 m high piece, tentatively titled “Pink Twist”.

Twisted Gum-start on kitchen table2-f  Twisted Gum-1st stage hanging in studio-f   DDS watercolor-Pink Twist-14sep15-f


2 thoughts on “Another Gosford, NSW painting in progress

  1. wow, that IS a big one! (enjoy framing it, if you get my drift$!)….Pink Twist is good. ‘Give Me Your Tired, Your ….’? haha. Or: “the Dance”….or ‘Dancer’ …

  2. Since the bush fires had just moved thru, “Fired Up” would work too, for both painting and painter.

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