Paint-out (I mean rain-out) with Adrienne-Auchenbach Canyon

I took Adrienne (and another friend) up to one of my favorite hiking spots in the Organ Mountains.  Auchenbach Canyon is a hanging canyon valley, formed as a hidden bowl at the top of a large waterfall drop-off.  We left before dawn, hoping to catch the early sunlight in the valley.  Instead we got rare rain, which began at our farthest point from the car, of course.  Other than being soaked and even a little cold in the wind, it was lovely to see the more intense colors of the wet vegetation and rocks.  The end of the arroyo wash we hiked up had an interesting cliff of fractured plates of rock, in red crystalline structure.

So no painting, but here are some photos of the lost patrol. (and a few of those rocks from an earlier hike, in sun)

Auchenbach rain-Adrienne waterfall top2-e  Adrienne tempts fate at top of (dry) falls, before the rain.

Auchenbach rain-Adrienne Paula soaked pose2-e   Auch rain hike-DDS on trail-c

The wet rats after the soaking.

Auchenbach rain vegetation-f Auchenbach-jagged red spike and mts2-f  Auchenbach-fractured cubist cliff-f    Auchenbach-multi color splinters close-f


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