Paint-out with Adrienne – Box Canyon

Trying to catch up on blogs from past few weeks. Consider these as addendum to what Adrienne has already posted.

I organized a paint-out with Meg Freyermuth, who is doing the first ever artist-in-residence with the newly established Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks (OMDP) National Monument. (for those not familiar, a National Monument is essentially a slightly lesser form of a National Park) OMDP pretty much surrounds Las Cruces. I invited Adrienne and another artist, Michael Ponce, to join in. Meg, Michael and I set up on a ridge above the Box Canyon region, west of the city, while Adrienne trundled down to be among her beloved ocotillo. Here are a few pix of us “in action” (or inaction?)

Box Cyn Paintout-Michael Adrienne Meg2-f  Box Cyn Paintout-DDS Adrienne Meg-f  Box Cyn Paintout-Adrienne distant Dona Ana's-f  Box Cyn Paintout-Adrienne over shoulder-e   Box Cyn Paintout-Adrienne white ridge-e   Box Cyn Paintout-dawn michael vista-e   Box Cyn Paintout-meg from back vista-e   Box Cyn Paintout-Michael sunrise vista-e

For my own part, I completed a small watercolor sketch, “Box Canyon Overlook.” This 11” x 6” painting on Strathmore 400 Series paper attempts to capture the landscape of some red bluffs above a dam that had been built during the Great Depression by the Works Progress Administration. (You can see the subject area on the right side of the first picture of Michael, above.)

DDS portrait Box Canyon Overlook2-f    DDS watercolor-box canyon overlook-in progress-f  DDS watercolor-Box Canyon Overlook-7sep15-full-f


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