Paint-out with Adrienne-White Sands

Our next paint-out was to White Sands National Monument, about an hour from Las Cruces.  Adrienne was already familiar with these spectacular white, gypsum crystal sand dunes from WBHD 1 visit.  We had a rare day of overcast, but that made painting easier and gave a completely different feel to the landscape.  Here are some pix to complement those Adrienne posted earlier.

White Sands paintout picnic-DDS Adrienne selfie-f

White Sands paintout-subject dunes sky-f

My subject was a line of dunes that mirrored the distant mountain chain silhouette. The resulting watercolor sketch is titled “White Sands Overcast,” 11″ W x 8″ H, on Strathmore 400 series paper.  Here are shots of how it looked before we broke off for our picnic and G&T’s, and in final form after more polishing in the studio the next day.

DDS watercolor-White Sands Overcast-8sep15-plein air version-f  DDS watercolor-White Sands Overcast-9sep15-a (cell)-crop-f

We got so lucky to have a small break in the clouds on the horizon as the sun set, giving us these lovely views.  I also love White Sands after sunset, with such a range of subtle hues on the dunes and mountains.

White Sands paintout sunset-pink bands vista-f  White Sands paintout sunset-first pink bands-f   White Sands paintout sunset-orange glory-f    White Sands paintout-lone cone dune-f


One thought on “Paint-out with Adrienne-White Sands

  1. ah, as always, fun posts, Dave. And it’s a pleasure knowing you, Jean, Raul and others have been so generous with your time and resources with Adrienne. She’s a pleasure! Good stuff.

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