Touring Hillsboro and City of Rocks

I picked Adrienne up from her retreat at Nolan’s, then it was tour-time through the Gila Mountains, down the quaint scattered settlements of the Mimbres River valley, to reach City of Rocks State Park by sunset.  I’d made my first visit there at dawn and had to drag AW back for a late light view.  Spectacular spot, hence a bunch of pix.  You can play “Where’s Adrienne” as an added treat.

Mimbres valley-old church in Luna side-f     Mimbres valley-barn letters San Lorenzo-4x6  Mimbres valley-Sherman rusted shack-f  City of Rocks-Cooke pano-f

Cooke Peak in distance, from City of Rocks

City of Rocks-Adrienne shoots back-e City of Rocks-sunset boulders pano-f City of Rocks-egg cluster-f City of Rocks-carved rock humps-f  City of Rocks-caught in crack-4x6City of Rocks-Adrienne DDS shadow-e   City of Rocks-Adrienne in hollow-e   City of Rocks-Adrienne disembodied-eCity of Rocks-plastic hollow-4x6  City of Rocks-Adrienne dramatic incline-e  City of Rocks-hourglass B&W-f  City of Rocks sunset-B&W-4x6City of Rocks-grass hollow-4x6  City of Rocks-dusk grass-4x6City of Rocks-Adrienne birth of venus-e  City of Rocks-giraffe dawn-4x6 City of Rocks-red dawn pano-f        City of Rocks-Adrienne silhouette-pano-e City of Rocks-DDS Adrienne selfie sunset-eCity of Rocks-late light monolith-f City of Rocks-pink Cooke sky-f


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