Poetry Reading by our ‘Neighbour’ and host

Some of our great hosts here in Las Cruces are Dick and Sherry Thomas. Without this amazing couple and their family we would not have been able to stay such a length of time in their city.

Sherry is a powerhouse of energy, allegedly retired from the Council, but really there’s no signs of that as she continues to work with many others to improve life in Las Cruces and the County.

Dick is also ‘retired’ and a new book of his poetry, Once in a Lifetime, is about to be launched in Las Cruces this week, so I really hope the locals can make it to the reading and signing. His work is beautiful, the imagery moves me to another place.

F. Richard “Dick” Thomas will read from and sign his latest book of poetry, Once in a Lifetime, at MVS Studios, 535 North Main Street, on September 24, 2015. Short reading begins at 6:00 PM. Dick will be available for book-signing from 5:30 – 7:00 PM, before and after he reads. A piece from the new book:


Crescent Moon

Perhaps it is the moon itself,
the clear articulation
of its two points, suspended

just above
the dark peaks,
that calls me to the back porch.

I take my seat in the plastic lawn chair
where untranslatable tongues
of light and dark roll over earth

with just the right number of words,
not too many,
not too few,

in a voice
that makes loss seem inevitable
but bliss possible,

in a language
that falls in a lovely curve
from the lip of creation.


You can read about a past book on Amazon here.


2 thoughts on “Poetry Reading by our ‘Neighbour’ and host

  1. whoa, so sorry we won’t be there. Nice folks, for sure. And poetry…sigh. Adrienne…won’t you be in flight to see Pres. Obama and Michelle?

  2. This poem above is like the words of a Susan Hutton painting :-]
    Flight is Friday to see the President and the First Lady. My sandals broke yesterday so I’ll have to meet with them in flip flops! Snort.

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