Firing up the palette


Well, with coffee! Had a lovely studio day yesterday and have been attempting to translate some of the White Sands drawings into oils. A very gentle palette.

Oils and watercolours require a similar approach – I’d forgotten that about the latter – with multiple pieces on the go while others are drying. These little ones aren’t finished and I had to put them aside last night or there would’ve been mud pies made. Today I’ll start new bases to dry while I’m away.

One of my maps shows the White Sands missile testing range in pale pink stripes, so I’m tentatively working on marks around that idea.


4 thoughts on “Firing up the palette

  1. wow, those pink stripes are my favorite so far of your White Sands pieces. Brava, girl of the golden west!

  2. The 2nd pic is just a close up of the first larger painting. It’s a bit tentative so far so will have to work harder at it when it dries 🙂 Should just paint the close up on another square eh. Thanks N.

  3. haha, I have often seen parts of paintings I’ve enjoyed more than the entire things. O well. Like them both, AW. =]

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